Portable Toilets

Don't let smelly toilets ruin your event. Work with Aardvark and you'll get the highest in sanitary standards.

The Northland’s Cleanest Portable Toilets!

No one notices all the sanitary precautions at an event.

Unless those precautions go awry . . .

Maybe there weren’t enough bathrooms and the lines were too long. Maybe the bathrooms were too far away from the venue—or placed too close to the food. Maybe they smelled, or didn’t have enough toilet paper, or ran out of soap (handwashing is the number one defense against the spread of illness, especially in large crowds).

Here at Aardvark, we never steal your spotlight. Our bathrooms stay in the background: perfectly placed, fully stocked, and always clean.

What Kind of Service Can You Expect from Us?

Whether you’re a construction site manager or an event planner, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is to babysit your portable toilet vendor. Here at Aardvark, we do our job so you can do yours.

  • Not sure how many bathrooms you need? Don’t worry. We've been renting out our portable toilets for 15 years. We’ve got the experience so you don’t have to. Just call us and we’ll walk you through exactly how many bathrooms you need.

  • Not going to be around for drop-off or pickup? Good news. You don’t have to be! We handle drop-off and pickup all on our own. Just give us a time and we’ll be there.

  • Need a flexible rental time? Yep, we do that too. Rent by the day, week, or month. We’re here to work with what you need.

  • Wondering when your portable toilet needs to be cleaned? You don’t have to worry about cleaning with Aardvark. We clean our toilets EVERY SINGLE WEEK. And unlike most portable toilet vendors, we don’t just pump your toilet and call that clean. We actually sanitize it from top to bottom. We pump it, powerwash it, check the soap dispenser, refill the toilet paper, and make sure that your unit is in the best geographic location for your needs.


  • Handwashing Stations

  • Holding Tanks

  • Portable Urinals

  • High Rise Units

  • Handicap/ADA Units

PS: Planning a wedding or VIP event? Give your guests the best with our brand-new luxury restroom trailer.

If you’re ready to start planning right now, check out our handy graph to see how many units you’ll need for your event. If you’re not sure, we’re happy to chat with you.